History of FullCart | Блог медиа-лаборатории Креоген

We call ourselves “Creogen! Media Laboratory”. This was the name for our company we came up with in 2000 or 2001.

We started to develop web-based projects since 1998 when we were 14 years old each or 28 years old in total. Now, 14 years later, when we are 28 years old each or 56 years old in total, we are still doing the same thing. We are still passionate about the web and we are still passionate about great products, great projects and great websites. These are not often to see on the Internet because of all the SPAM and rubbish and copycats, but these still make the Internet unique place that we all know, love and enjoy.

One of the projects we are working on at the moment is called FullCart. And it’s an eComm solution, which doesn’t sound like fun. But we enjoy working on it very much and we are excited about the final product.

When we first started to work on FullCart in 2011 we didn’t plan to release a (what you’d call) solution. We were mostly interested in releasing something that we could use internally to build websites for our customers easier and faster. Although we don’t think of ourselves as a web agency, sometimes we build websites (mostly small eComms) for the customers. A majority of the projects we do are for ourselves, so we are not looking to make any money of them (both me and Dmitry have daytime jobs). But building websites for the customers on occasion sounds like a good way of funding these projects.

Soon after we started FullCart we realized that what we do could possibly be to a good use by many people. So we focused on building an open source eComm solution.

In fact, we always knew we wanted to make an eComm. Dmitry came up with FullCart in 2009, this is when we first registered fullcart.ru. We just didn’t realize that what we started here, was what we always planned to do.

Since the very first moment we were inspired by the project. We wanted to develop a product with a very user-friendly interface, product that anyone could use without reading any documentation.

At that time I was inspired by the interface of WordPress (not anymore, though it is still very user-friendly). My closest friend Dmitry (developer behind the project) was also inspired by something. Don’t know exactly what it was, but what I know for sure is that he is passionate about writing clean and maintainable code. That is also the reason he doesn’t like most eComms or CMSes, most of them are very hard to maintain, they often use older technologies that currently exist.

That’s why we promised ourselves to use the latest technologies possible, to write the cleanest code possible that we could easily maintain and to make user interface (for both, store owner and user) as simple as possible.

Functionality of the FullCart needs to to be simple as well, but at the same time powerful enough to suite most of the businesses. We wanted to focus on the product catalogue and on the way products can be arranged into categories, but we also wanted a CMS to be powerful enough to handle many pages, their appearance and sidebar content. We also wanted to built in enough SEO features, that can be set and managed for both pages and products. We wanted an easy checkout process and ability to manage orders (both, for store administrator and for customer). And though we’ve been working on the project for almost a year now, we are still in the process of building and perfecting all these features.

This is why we decided to put our project on kickstarter. Kickstarter is a great place and great community that supports innovative projects in different fields from art to technology. We believe that FullCart fits perfectly into kickstarter. It is mainly because FullCart is made for those who are as passionate about innovations as we are. But it is also because we are open to share our ideas, to share our code and our product with everyone.

With this post I tried to tell you something about ourselves and about FullCart. In the following posts we will try to share some ideas behind the project and hopefully we will make it a success story.